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I tried to send money to an acquaintance, a chronically homeless woman I know. She lives far away and my car is in disrepair.

I used Western Union to send her $25. It cost me $5! I asked the phone rep before the transaction if it would be a problem since she may not have a photo ID. No problem.

Well it was a problem. Fine. I'm in banking. I know the risks.

She called and said the WU rep at her location suggested using a security question. I called back. No can do. Why?

Because I sent the money over the Website. Can I go to a location here and give the code word? No. Can you send me an email, which is on my account and I could respond with the code word?

No. Change the person to receive it, they say. There is no other, I say. I ask where online does it say I can't give a code word.

They can't answer, and when I press them, I get hung up on. Can I get a full refund? No. They keep the five bucks.

I called a supervisor. He tells me to hold to find the information, and suddenly I'm connected to someone else with the same story. In the end I talked to 5 or 6 people with no results, even calling the location, which was a Hannaford's Supermarket. They said they couldn't give out information about Western Union!

???? They pleaded the fifth! I will be making a complaint to the Banking Division of the New York Atty Gen's Office, and the BBB, and anywhere else I can get the message to other people that WU is a worthless service. BTW, they are already getting out of town.

They are sending the jobs there. See the company reviews at

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Gordon Mac, I contacted my Attorney General and received my $5.00 after some delay by WU (they said it was a change of management). Make a complaint to your Attorney General.

And don't be too hard on the people on the phone, as much as they are a problem, because they are just trying to make it in this hard life. And just because something is written down on paper doesn't make it right!


Gordon Mac, the information that they gave you is on the back of your money order, once you purchase it you agree to all the terms and conditions located on the back and front of the money order and receipt, that statement is also written on the money order that you were holding for more than a year. With 28.00 a year ago you would get better things than today, so if you keep 28.00 in your pockets for a year they will loose value as well


Good luck,Pal....

I just got screwed out of $28.00 on a money order that wasn't cashed fast enough and all these barely understandable people can do is read from a script and if you argue, or try to get your point across you are "accidentally" disconnected. Some *** answering phones in India or somewhere for $1.50 an hour and and can't even talk right....What are ya gonna do?...

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