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ATTN: Al Amodente

Concerning your last E-Mail.

I told you now for a hundred times that you did not deliver the money to a legal person whom I disclosed all details of the transactions and there is no chance to argue again in the way you try here again. All payments had been done to forgery passports. Actual persons, according to your transfer conditions, laws and Court Jurisdiction against Western Union, mean a person with a valid passport. And this in no case of these were given and argued: In cases "Joy Maris" there is no valid passport in the complete ECOWAS region registered and so the passports, without seeing these, must have been forgery. And with that there is no valid person to whom you did the payments. The three papers you sent me here mean nothing besides that there had been three different persons withdrawing the money and not one Joy Maris. This makes very suspect to a direct Western Union Fraud or their employed stuff as 400.000 employed stuff also can monitor without the MTCN number and an "actual person" does not mean that this person is the disclosed person too. And then it must be excluded that I sent 5 times the MCTN number to 5 different "Joy Maris" although Joy Maris does not exist one time. So: Western Union is the fraudster here without any doubts and in each case responsaable for the compensations. An "actual person" must not be the "legal person" so forget about these fakes immediately as I have the impression that we will meet us before Court and all this will be used against your person. In all other cases of receipts that I sent to Western Union six times completely, three times of it to your hands, was given an address that does not exist, in cases "Joy Maris" 35, judicial drive and in 8 other cases "rue de la Santa Rita". So, already apparently things, must have blocked the payments from Western Union. I am sure that also these transfers have been robbed by Western Union itself and for this I have very sincere reasons and witnesses you can be for sure. So what ever will be, according to laws and the Court Jurisdiction against Western Union are talking from "legal recipients" and not actual ones as you again try to fake here. By the way: also the fraud trial is punishable by law!!!

Also in cases Richmond James who presented an UN ID Card for withdrawing the money: The UN iD Card has no validity for personal use but is only valid in UN operations. Besides that also this was a Forgery Card, as we know today, Western Union was not allowed to do payments.

All passports had been fake brings up the question if Western Union in any way follows up the legal lines in any way and with that is responsable for all fraud. Under the circumstances of given laws and jurisdictions it is not possible that Western Union could not realize even one forgery passport and had to block all payments. Already since a long time it is the question, if in the locations Western Union is hiding worldwide, and with that, this only can be a Western Union Office, passports are not necessary, so one must not wonder that Western Union does not realize forgery passports as passports at all are not necessary. As normally a fraudster, self employed or employed stuff have to be changed by law immediately, and here laws are very sincere and severe, it apparently had been necessary to mention this in the Contract between the 46 US States and Western Union. Apparently got Western Union these Fraudsters doing the Crime in their own offices without any consequences to the Crimers.

And be sure: to hide this or trying to do this brings up an immense punishment by law as well as continuing with the nonsense that already brought out of world by argues.

Awaiting your swift reply

Gerhard Kommnick

The publications to Countries with Western Union Activities will go on, In the European Union (EU) I have my terminations for this Monday and Tuesday next week. Such a company that is frauding even the population of the USA, involved in 59% of American fraud, must be a shame for America even when there are governmental tasks that have to be done. But this must be changed. A copy of this will leave as next informations to the Attorneys Generals end of this week. What horrible, American governmental promises to protect the American population before crime and fraud building up consumer finance protection offices and similar organizations like FTC and so on, which cost a lot of money but when they could close 59% of fraud cases at once by closing Western Union Money Transfers they do nothing but frauding now the complete world with this company knowing very well that Western Union is breaking all laws concerning Money Transfers and Court jurisdiction against Western Union, apparently not knowing that also the sciences of these fraudulent behaviours from Western Union without acting is as well punishable by law. The more: with the special agreement of 46 US counties with Western Union these governmental behaviours also express that Western Union can crime the populations of foreign countries against law and order but, "please, not us!" and with this give their acceptance to act that way to Western Union. Or do the governmental departments really believe that Western Union is the only company that can send money to oppositional parties in foreign countries, place their agents there and everything else that concerns spying of money transfers in the foreign countries?? But Western Union is the only company that already today makes more than 300 mio USD profit per year only with the transfer fees what already has changed for a long time as Western Union additionally frauds the complete transfer sums with criminals (self employed stuff). And everything is top criminal!!! The MTCN number for Western Union is only a fake and no secret number as worldwide 400.000 Western Union employed can monitor this without any problems. That also is the reason why the Court jurisdiction does not exclude Western Union as fraudulent company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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