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Our family had a situation where my mother received a phone call that I was in the hospital and needed money. She believed the caller and sent money via Western Union in my name.

This money was picked up and guess what? It was not me! Western Unions policy is that once the money was picked up they have NO LIABILITY! Their excuse is that the person picking up the money must have had a fake ID.

They accept no liabllity for making the mistake. They stated that they would note the file and that would be all they could do.


Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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I am sorry your mother fell for that very well known scam.

However, why should WU have to pay for your mother's ignorance? I believe WU has a big warning at the top of their web site to not send money unless you are certain to whom the money is going.

You and your mother are not in rare company. Scammers are stealing millions, if not billions, of dollars every year through Western Union. Unfortunately, there is no way currently for WU to verify whether an ID is valid. The name and transaction code, or whatever it is called, is about the best that can be done.

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