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Western union has gone down the sewer! You can't send, receive, pay a bill or anything thru them.

They take your money, put it on hold, won't do anything but refund it to you, and that's only after you figure out it didn't go thru yourself cause they don't call you and tell you they're doing it! Best thing to do is use MoneyGram! You can't even track a transfer to see if there is a problem because the captcha image on their tracking site doesn't load! No support for anything either!

If Western union doesn't want to do the job then they should get the *** out of the way and let someone else do it! I will never ever use there service again and hope they go bankrupt soon!

It's like being the post office and refusing to deliver mail! Probably some dumb camel jockey in charge of everything!

Reason of review: Just use MoneyGram! Western Union flat out sucks!.

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