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I've never personally used Western Union before. So, I've just run into a situation where I needed to wire funds from the U.S.

to China. I created a profile on their website and entered my bank's debit card data to get started. After attempting to complete the transaction, I received a message that stated, "your payment was declined by your bank." I then contacted my bank to find that my account and my card were in perfect working order. I attempted once more to complete the WU transaction to receive a notice that I would not be able to complete any transactions both online or by telephone and that I would need to physically go into a WU location if I wanted to send money.

I thought WU may have simply had a "connectivity" issue with my bank's debit card system, so I revised my profile with my checking account information to attempt the 3-day transaction directly from the account. However, when WU's website tried to access the bank account to verify information, WU's site just timed out. I then went one step further and entered a credit card into my account and tried the transaction one last time...same result...denied. After contacting WU's customer support, all I could get out of them was that they utilize several different methods to protect consumers.

However, there was no answer as to why I was denied, nor to what extent and/or how long I would continue to be denied. The rep simply informed me that I would need to seek out a physical WU location to send funds. So, here's my dilemma...why would this company advertise a service that they obviously do not offer? Why would they lead customers to believe this service exists?

And finally, why the *** did I need to waste several hours of my morning entering personal account information, then speaking to customer service reps only to find out that I still must physically go into a WU location to send the funds? Nope...this sort of service (or the lack thereof) just made a lifetime impression on me.

I will NEVER attempt to utilize WU again and will simply pay the few extra dollars to perform wire transfers directly with my bank. WU...STOP WASTING CONSUMER'S TIME!!!

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