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i sent $600 to a friend in Malaysia on 12/9/10 at 7:24 p.m. EST that was to reach my friend in 15 minutes. An hour after i sent it, my friend called and was upset because on the receiving end, there is no record of the transfer.

i too checked their *** website... the pages were extremely slow to load and i finally got a message that says the transaction is on hold and to call customer service. So i did... they have the most unfriendly phone system set up! After what seemed forever, i finally got a live person.

They checked their system and told me the transfer was made and was waiting to be picked up. i explained to her that they tried and the agent there could find no record of it, that both my friend and i had gone to their *** website to track it and got the same message... it's on hold and contact customer service.

She said she couldn't see any reason that we'd be getting a message like that. She said if the receiver still had trouble, to have their agent contact customer service to research it.

It's now 2:45 a.m. MST and the receiver still can't pick up the money i sent. i again called customer service, i again get told the same BS answer that it must be a problem with the website and they have no control over what takes place there. Hmmm, so how does this information get there?

Not only is their live person customer service the pits, but so is their website customer service!

No one seems to be able to explain why the American side of this transaction shows everything transferred as it should have, but the tracking information doesn't confirm this... the receiving side of this transaction certainly doesn't confirm this.

i am furious that i've paid for these funds to be transferred in 15 minutes and it's now more than nine hours later and the funds still cannot be picked up. While i haven't spoken with the agent on the receiving end, i find their response to the receiver to be unacceptable... 'come back tomorrow???' That's NOT what i paid for.

i can say with absolute certainty, that i will never use them again... i've paid for something that didn't take place... and they really don't seem to be empathic toward the frustration i'm having in trying to find out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Thanks Ramius, i'll forward my complait to her. The response i received back from WU after the funds were finally able to be picked up two days later, was that the funds were picked up and the issue had been resolved satisfactorially.

No, it's not an acceptable resolution! A transfer that should have been able to be picked up in 15 minutes that took 2 days??? With no explaination of why it took so long???



Hi Theresa!

The person you wish to write to is the VP of Customer Relations: It is my opinion that their VP of security should be replaced.

Apparently customer service can not access or see customer information!

If it is of any consolation for you I called their corporate offices and asked "whose office do I send the news crew to to have them explain?" With my most recent problem I offered to buy 1 share of stock and show up at a shreholders meeting and confront their CEO with such problems and ask specifically who is it that lacks the neccessary job maturity to be an effective employee? Anyway, hope the contact information helps.