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I have been using western union normally for a year, sending to one person with no problems. On 23 November 2012 western union decided to block all my transactions for no reason and with no warning. They gave me a cryptic message that I need to call a number to confirm my transaction. I eventually get to a foreigner on the phone with a thick accent, not an American, and give my information. They refuse to help, and transfer my call to another foreigner in some other department saying that my transaction was under them. This foreigner needed to get all my information again, as western union does not communicate within itself. I then find out from this outsourced call center worker that my account is under something called the compliance department and I will have to do an interview in order to have my money released for pickup.

Keep in mind that my girl friend is waiting for the "in minutes" option which I paid for from this rotten company. Western Union did not offer to reduce my fee for making it take hours on the phone with an Indian call center to complete this process. It turned out that the message I received from western union to call the number was false, in that the number was not the correct one. My account was under their compliance department the entire time, but it took a great effort going through many Indians to find the number to call.

The compliance department has no hold function, or phone ***. If the phone basher is busy when you call, it goes to voice mail and claims that they will call you back. I didn't fall for that for 1 second. I kept spamming calls to them until I finally got through and then the real anger started. The worker kept asking me tremendously personal questions in order to perform the service that I had paid the company to perform. What is the money for? Where did you get it? Did it come from a checking account or savings account? How much money do you make? Where do you work? The worst part is that I was trapped because I had promised my girlfriend that the money would be ready so I had no way to refuse these creeps. I had to humiliate myself and answer all their identity theft level questions, or else they would refuse to perform the service I paid them for. I was treated like a terrorist and a criminal for sending a few hundred dollars to the same person that I always send money to week after week. I will be making every effort to find ways to avoid using this horrible company to transfer money. I have been insulted many times by them and hassled to no end trying to do something simple and I am sick of it. I am warning everyone out there, please try to find another company to use because this one will give you a stroke with rage as they humiliate and frustrate you for no reason. Horrible people, horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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They asked me ‘why I have a different last name as my daughter!’ I sent cash and used their service for years. I was humiliated after 5 hours of repeated questions.

‘What is your daughter going to use the money on?’ I could of drove it to her myself it was only from CA to NV.

I paid to be put down. Something must be done.


Having this issue as well. Told them where to go.

Using Money Gram! to send my money.


You are so right. I am a WU customer for over 10yrs.

Blocked me! The majority of my transactions were church related where I personally knew the recipient. I have accumulated a lot of points to use to send money for church giving. Now my points count for nothing.

They'd lose money on me.

So block me. WU sucks.


GERHARD K.DON'T PLAYER HATE because OBAMA WON.It's ***'S like yourself that make my day.Their are other way's to send money.Use them.Stop blaming everyone else because you are a ***.If the hat doesn't fit your head,Don't buy it.WTF.


I also have experience the same treatment from WU. They have received my money transfer back on 11/21/12 and now 11/27/2012 they still have not released the funds.

I just got off the phone with WU and same questions were asked, income, what do I do, dob, etc..

I did get my 2 cents worth at the end.

I asked the girl that in order for me continue talking to her I needed to know If she was married, if she was happy working there, how much did they pay her, is she blonde? etc..


Other comments to that you will find here in Pissed Consumer under my name

FBI hides Western Union Frauds?

Western Union Complaint by Gerhard K

When ever it is published and can be heard that the FBI is on the way to start new investigations against banking fraud, you ever will hear, as before short, the names of big banks but never Western Union? And this although Western Union is the bank with, by far, the most complaints in the american banking industry and with that FBI cannot hide Western Union or is it the matter of fact that Y O U R local american country also is earning with the frauds of Western Union against you, for example 59%? Hello Americans. Y O U have done your Mr. Obama elections and it cannot be that Y O U R spent money for underpriviliged to buy food are frauded by Western Union and your governmental abused money taken for saving the mexican boarders. Private help for life used for governmental tasks of saving national boarders and this in worldwide crime in responsability of Y o U R governmental Attorney General signed in a paper with Western Union !!!

What a Moral !!!!!