Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
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I live in the Northwest Territories, Canada. My brother is visiting in Columbus, Ohio. I tried to send him $100, first online through the completely useless website, which got me all the way to the confirmation screen where I get a popup stating I needed to verify my information with an agent and to call them. Oh, and the message does not give a phone number, I had to find that myself.

Got the phone number, called, no record of my attempted transaction. Okay, fine. New phone transaction, then. I was on the phone for over fifteen minutes with an agent, and his accent made him a little hard to understand, and I gave him all my Visa information, my information, my brother's information, why I was sending the money. Finally we get to the end... denied. I ask "Why?" and the agent seemed as surprised as I was, and was unable to give me any reason why I was declined.

He did offer me 50% off the transaction fee to go to a local agent to send the money. Well, the local agent is approximately 350 miles away across frozen tundra and no roads to speak of, that's not exactly an option. Kind of why I did the online and phone thing first, you know?

I emailed customer service asking (politely) for an explanation as to why I was denied, and to date no one has been able to provide me with so much as a hint as to the reason.

USELESS. Don't give them your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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It just happenned to me today after using WU for over 15 yrs. This is the last time they'll see me using their services



I saw a comment that the Western Union CEO is on Twitter @ WesternUnionCEO

Maybe he needs to hear from some unsatisfied