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Did you already fbi today or better: Did you already make a Money Transfer and with that listed by the FBI? Having validated a Transfer Contract with your payments Western Union must realize the transfer.

The refusal of non payment to the recipient is illegal at top as the Transfer Contract is incluiding the payments and Western Union has no legal right to break its own contract besides, when the passport of the recipient is illegal. Western Union is a criminal organization, the "worstservices" are system covered by the FBI. No other bank could go that way!!

Did you realize once a time Western Union placed for complaints the addresses of the Attorney Generals, this was ordered by 42 american countries on their Site. Already three days later this again was changed as it is now.

Apparently there had been too many complaints for the Attorney Generals what can be translated as a sign, as Attorney Generals have to act by law, if not they make themselves guilty by law, even the knowledge without acting makes punishable, that they refused to become known of this. That means: Place your complaints directly to your Attorney General that they must take knowledge of this! He also is responsable for the activities of FBI as FBI hides Western Union Crime. So, complaints to FBI or the Internet FBI are senseless.

Force your Attorney General to act by knowledge!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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Learn English comprehension. .your grammar is awful, and you make no sense in your ramblings. It's bad enough you have posted many complaints under this company and not one make any sense other then rambling and throwing words together