Youngstown, Ohio
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I have been using the online money transfer for years. Suddenly my debit card was being denied.

It took hours of complaining to get told anything besides "you can pay in person at an agent."(which it turns out costs twice as much as well as being inconvenient.) It took hours of talking to customer service to find out the problem came from having my first name changed on my online account, but the telephone help that found the problem said they could not fix it, I would have to send an email to customer support. That email was never answered. Going back to phone support I kept being told that nobody could change my information -- which is obviously not true because THEY CHANGED IT. They also said my name had to match what is on my card, but that is also not true because I used my account the way I set it up for years without it matching what is on my card.

The problem came when somebody changed my first name to a misspelled version of what is on my card.

The only "helpful advice" I got was to cancel the account, which will lose all my information for recipients, and any points on my account. Even that requires emailing from the the email address where I set up the account, and the email address is not available anywhere online from them.

It is intensely infuriating to keep being told that things are and always have been a certain way, when the very existence of my problem proves that is not true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Change my name back to the way it was when my account worked, make sure my registered debit card will again be accepted for payments..

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