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The bad service and poor quality Computer processes make it too long to give the full details, but I tried to complete a money transfer online, got all the way through and at the stage of getting a Receipt, was told the transfer had failed because of a computer error. Spoke with their phone people who said I should try again later or go to an agent as this transaction could not be processed.

I came back several hours later and tried again on-line - only to get to the same stage and got an error message that the 'Transaction has failed'. Went to the local Agent and completed the transaction over the counter. Then later that night, I found out that WU HAD DEDUCTED THE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT THREE TIMES! And had charged me for the priviledge of completing this 'theft'.

Even my Bank has become nervous and suggested we block them from taking more money.

The lesson is - don't use them, go to your bank, as ours has just told us- they can and will help do these transfers. It was laso interesting to see from the other posts that this is not a new 'thing' for WU, they've done it before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Western Union should be investigated for stealing people's money. They stop a transfer and then keep your money.

I have 5 different 8 digit numbers they have given me to pick up my refund. So far, none worked. Also, they got me for $75. Last year.

Stopped Transfer, and I could never get a refund.

They know you will give up after a while if the amount is not that great. Someone, Please Help

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