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Sent money to an Aunt in California, waited over 15 minutes then checked my email to see that they canceled it so I called the 1-800 number and it took a long time to get to a live represenative, they couldnt give me a reason why the transaction was danceled and told me it was now up to my bank to issue a refund. When I refused to wait 3-5 for a refund they told me they can give me a 15% discount if I went to the store and sent money over the same day.....Wow are you serious?

who's to say that I have money like that? How do you take someones money then cancel the transaction for no reason then make me wait for a refund (which I still have not reciebed)? Every customer service rep there is very hard to understand because half of them speak only basic english with heavy accents. Not saying anything is wrong with that but doing customer service its kind of annoying and irritating having to askthe person over and over to repeat themselves.

Overall: The supervisors are no help at all, the customer service represenatives are all trained to scam and lie to people and they never take responsibility for their faults. I HATE this company and I will never use it again. I'll stick to MoneyGram which I have never had a problem with.

If I dont get my refund Im contacting a lawyer. I am sick of this.

Monetary Loss: $117.

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Largo, Florida, United States #748017

I am having the same situation as I tried to send money to my uncl and it said my bank declined. I called my bank to find out the money was in fact debited and then I called w/u and the first person said it wwas up yo my bank to put money in my acct as they w/u cxls it.

But then I called my bank again and they syated that only a cxl can e done on a credit card transaction not debit and in fact westen union still had my money. I called several time s and in one scenerio the w/e agent had me three way a call with my bank and when she was flat out told the money was taken from my acct she said please hold and hung up. I called back and asked the next agent to please speak to my bank to get money back in my acct and he stated that western unions policy is no three way calls, when in fact the last agent told me to do it. I finally cooled down and was told by a supposed manager that some special dept was calling my bank to make sure money was put back in acct and two days later my bank states that no call or attempt has been made.

This is plain stealing and I don't know what to do I ma a single father and have $2.58 in my acct now and still have no idea what to do any suggetions would help. is there an agency that watches these people I can contact.


This may be a bit late, but I suggest you also file a complaint with I did and finally was refunded the service fee too. Lawyers are expensive but justice is of great value...

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