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The following statement from western union implies that I have broken the law or at least in western union eyes have committed some fraudulant action. It would also imply that given the 5 years I have been a customer of western union that they also are very aware of the transaction and would therefore be liable as co-conspiritors of such presumed corrupt action at least in there eyes. However there have been no criminal charges or adverse repercussions which would indicate a lack of sitefullness on there part in there decision making process. Of course western union are a big money making company and the pittance I send to the Phillipines is only enough to feed and school a family. I bow done to wu supperior and intellectual intelligence wnd wish them all the good karma they so rightly deserve.

"...Western Union continually monitors the use of its systems to understand its customers’ usage. We apologize for any disruption in your ability to conduct money transfers and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Western Union’s Financial Service, Inc.’s (“Western Union”) Money Transfer Service Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) provide that Western Union has the right to refuse service to anyone. We have reviewed the information you provided and have made a business decision to refuse and refund this transaction and any transactions you may attempt to send or receive in the future. This means Western Union will not accept any funds transmittal payments from you and will not pay out any funds transmittal payments to you (such transmittals will either be refused altogether, returned to the initiating party, or otherwise handled in accordance with applicable law)..."

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2013

I have been using Western Union for 5 years regularly to support a family in the Philippines. On Monday I went to the WU agent and paid for a transaction, sent an txt and thought that was that. Western Union canceled the transaction and did not advise me of any problem. When I did find out I rang WU and was advised the transaction was cancelled by WU. I was give a mtcn for a refund and I said I would do the transaction again. I did and same result!. When I rang WU they could not tell me why they cancelled the transaction, and after another 3 calls I was given the email(they have no phone!!!) to the compliance department.

I sent an email and I finally received a reply email asking me to fill in a "Consumer Questionnaire" and until the questionnaire was completed and assessed by them, for 10 days there would be no more transaction!

The questionnaire asks for personal information along with personal documents. These personal documents include tax information, income, business, residence and the like. And information on the family I send money too for the past 5 years.

WU's big thing is 'dont send money to people you dont know' yet here they are expecting me to provide personal information to a comliance department that has no phone and provides no feed back yet holds one to ransome.

The good thing is I had to find alternatives and there are plenty of cheaper (wu $14 - moneygram $8) ways to send money.

Good bye wu, you are not needed.

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I just had the same thing happen,have been sending to my wife to be for 2 years,have bought a house there also,our house was hit by yolanda and I sent tonight more funds to fix the roof,western cancelled my transaction....same ***


I experience the same issue when i try to send money by western union today. My transaction was cancelled and was given a MTCN number for refund. I called WU to find out why and was told that it was due to compliance issue that payment was unable to go thru and i can try sending again. I tried sending 3 times today to 2 different receivers and all was cancelled!! I have been sending to the same receiver for the past 3 to 4 year with no issues and suddenly now there is problem. It is a big problem for me as the money is for my girlfriend in hospital in need of the money and now this has really made me very stressful and loss . Till now i have not got the money over.

Should have notify all customers earlier if any necessary documents are needed, not till receiver unable to receive money then told of compliance issues. What if urgent cases like mine?

Good thing i found this post, i will try sending by moneygram tomorrow.


I have had no reply from wu as to why they made the decision to stop my transactions. Moneygram has proved worthwhile but I have read similar reports about moneygram stopping payment as well.

I decided to set up a bank account and use orbitremit - payment to bank account in 2 - 3 days.