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have been using western union for ten years , been prepared to pay their overpriced service fees and the miserable exchange rates they give tried to send money today xmas day to the family in cambodia , house full of children and infants , my accounts blocked , absolutely no way of sending money , need to contact them via email and wait for them to contact me to resolve the situation ?.

absolute bastards , a house full of kids xmas day and no way to get them the money they need for at least a week due to the remote location i am in so a house full of kids . cant pay the rent , cant get baby formula , cant buy food or clean water let alone the presents they were promised for xmas .

when i checked some of their advertising websites they advertised lower fees than what they have been charging me for years , so they have been ripping me off blind , about $25.00 bucks more for each transaction more than the advertised ones i found where they said it costs $5.00 bucks , that equates to a lot of money .

western union are legalised criminals who have a ridiculous security system that is flawed and makes only the innocent suffer , what a pack of bastards to lock someones account on xmas day and then at the bottom of the send page they keep placing a message that they dont send money to cambodia online .

not only are they heartless bastards they are lying bastards also .

avoid them at all costs as they will let you down when you most need them.

just a bunch of faceless corporate thugs who f,,,,ck people over

Reason of review: breach of contract.

Preferred solution: never to use wetsren union again and advise as many people as possible what a bunch of jerks they are and that they charge to much , i will be introducing an alternate to western union into our town and advertise we will beat any western union price .

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