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I run a small company and was needing to send a payment to a business partner in another state. I decided to use Western Union so the payment would be made the same day, and my products could be shipped faster. Huge mistake.

I used the online payment method to send $999.99 (the most you can send using the internet option) which cost $1, 083.99 all together. Using my company debit card I finished the online processes, then received an email saying to call to finish the transaction. So I make the initial phone call, the lady tells me to go find a agent to complete the transaction.

So I go to the agent, who has no idea what I'm talking about. (not his fault) And he calls using his agent line, to tell me the transaction was canceled because I have a private phone number and they cant verify my identity. Remember I'm with an authorized agent of theirs with my drivers license and and business information in hand. And if you type in my company's name and search, my name comes up as the owner with my street address and phone number. So no problem I decided to overnight my associate a check. Look online and Western Union charged my business account before declining the transfer. So the money's pending in my account and I do not have access to it. Multiple phone calls to both my bank and Western Union, I will not have access to MY BUSINESS FUNDS for three days. Best case scenario I can access my funds on Saturday, be able to place my order on Monday, and possibly receive my store merchandise on Wednesday. That's six days total, I'm going to lose well over $1, 000 on this one.

And as a side note everyone I talked to at Western Union was very hard to understand. If anyone knows the owners personal number, please post it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Once Bitten Twice Careful

It is so hard to talk to anybody except the customers phone numbers.

I suggest you save your time and take them to courts. In some countries there are small claim courts that done need much money and no legal representation needed