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And who is not a crimer today will be made to one as neither Western Union nor White collored Crimers (up to Attorney Generals) believe an existance without crime and so they declare all to crimers committing new breaks to laws, diffame people without any reason, included the Attorney General of the USA Mr. Holder as well as Mr. President Barrack o Bama (we can do it!!!)who are informed about it. Attached the newest E-Mail to Western Union:

ATTN: Mr Ronald Paterno

A short time before I wrote here that I have an incident with Western Union and not with anyone else. So, it is out of any interest if any personal staff has changed the position or if Western Union tries to fake with 100 or more incident ID numbers one incident. And a computer system makes it very easy, call up a name to have all postals immediately in front of himself. So I will call this that your “computer system could not identify the incident number” as a further fake and try, that has to be brought up by Court to hide further Western Union Criminality. But that does not change anything in my behaviour besides only the matter of fact, that I have to invoice Western Union for my payments of work that come up additionally through such fakes.

And it will not change the E-Mail of today: My lawfirm has the ok to start their accuse against Western Union from beginning of tomorrow with the listing at Court and the aim, what will be no problem, for recompensation the European Countries just around 1.432.000.000.00 €, the first try to let the Western Union Banking Licence delete immediately and this also will be brought up again in the third incident case according to the lawsuits of Russia and China; all countries that are not very comfortable with the USA in the moment and this also will happen to Europe and we will take care of it. Not even able to fix their own household and transferring blablabla with it’s biggest fraudsters like Western Union robbing money from orphans, underpriviliged families and children and much more all over the world, committed by a administration, judicial Mafia of Attorney Generals from 42 US countries frauding also their own population for a hundreds of billions Euro and USD: This must become public and we still have an enormous resonance that it nearly will be difficult to hide it just now any longer. The only one will be Western Union to hide this immediately by solving our incidence immediately and not that, as happened, you try to fake me any longer with again 3 weeks no answers and not until today, one further after 3 years waiting.Either I will get now immediately the copies of the receiver’s receipt inclusive all directions I need to investigate or we will make enormous efforts to show you that banking licensing also can be withdrawn. Here in Europe they already talk about it.

Awaiting your swift reply

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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