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Update by user Oct 13, 2012

Update; I am now using another company to send money.

Original review posted by user Sep 12, 2012

I have been trying to send money for a 7 days. Every month I send money to a family member in Jamaica using Western Union. (She's 65 & needs the money for FOOD) This month both times I sent online I recieved a confirmation screen with MTCN # & when the person tried to pick it up it was denied. I spent countless hours on the phone for 3 days trying to no avail, to straighten this out.

As a last resort I went to my grocery store to send money last night. Today I get a call saying she still cannot get them to give her the money. At last count I sent 400$ twice & 150$ last night, plus 60+$ in charges. This company is outrageous! Costumer service is the worst I have EVER had to deal with!

(I tricked them & sent the money to a different person & she recieved the money through her friend.)

I don't know what they are doing about fraud, but clearly it is unsucessful. But they are very sucessfull at blocking legit. money transfers! Shame on them, someone went hungry because of their stupidity!

I will find other methods to send money in the future & am contacting a lawyer! I WILL GET ALL MY MONEY BACK! This co. is on the fast track to FALIURE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1012.

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I sent 50 dollars by phone. The representive put it payable to Moore not Miller.

I had a hard time understanding the guy.

When I called in I was told that I had to return to where I sent the money from to fix it even though I was 60 miles away and the 2nd person I talked to spoke worse English than the original guy I talked to. I don't care where the people I am talking to are from but they should at least talk and understand plain English.


I have the problem


How do you guess a 8 degit pin number? The answer is you dont.

I am having the same problem. I sent money to my self. Cheeper than using my atm. Drivers license, state I'd card.

Both water marked. 5 credit cards and my costco card.

( picture) won't give me the money. If I had stock in this company I would be dumping that *** fast.


I was trying to recive money from western union and was denied because it said u was on the fraud list, but I recived money 2 weeks ago from the same person and had no problem were do I find if I am on the fraud list


My ID as been blocked from Western Union how can I get it clear


Western Union sucks had same problem my cousin couldnt get the money because supposedly he was being blocked from using western union so i went to money gram instead had no problems i rather do business with them from now on


The same happen to me sent money to my husband in prison once. It went thru.

The next time I was told I no longer can use their services and i don't know why. They still haven't explained to me the reason.

Western union is a big fat joke. Saying they will email me a form to fill out, still haven't received the form.


Western Union told me my money had been picked up by the receiver when in fact it had not been picked up and when I called Western Union to try and settle the dispute they say they look into it and would get back to me and they never did and they never refunded by 800.00. Western Union steals and is a fraud as well as Money gram. I will be looking into alternatives .


That person was blocked that's why. If a person collects too often after a while they are temporarily blocked.


They just blocked me too, I provided all bills, every single question I answer, and that was not enought, their smart answer was:

"Western Union’s Financial Service, Inc.’s (“Western Union”) Money Transfer Service Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) provide that Western Union has the right to refuse service to anyone. We have reviewed the information you provided and have made a business decision to refuse and refund this transaction and any transactions you may attempt to send or receive in the future"

That was the smarter's answer ever!, that's why they have so many complaints... I hope they go down, I hope that people stop using them...


I got the almost same problem in western union,,,i am from aruba and have been sending money for my wife for 2 half years,,,then suddenly this western union gave me headache,,,i thought it was a minor problem that my wife cannot receive bcoz it didn't appear on their system about the mtcn# that they gave me i went back to branch it appeared that it was received when it is not,,,thanks to manager she refund and i sent it again by other ID not mine to send to my wife and she received it,,,then next month after that i tried to send again in other branch ,,,thought that it was employees error,,,,tried it in other branch it was still the same,,,NOW *** WESTERN UNION I CANNOT SEND BY MY NAME I DONT KNOW WHAT *** THEIR INFO TECHNOLOGIST DOING WHY THEY CANNOT TRACE THE PROBLEM,,,I EVEN COORDINATED TO COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT BUT AFTER THEY HAVE MY INFO AND STATEMENT,,,IT END UP THAT THEY GONNA REFUSE ME TO USE THEIR SERVICE BUT THE REASON WHY ? THEY CANNOT DISCLOSE ,,,SO I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SEND MONEY THROUGH MY PARENTS ID OR MY FRIEND'S ID TO SEND IT TO MY WIFE,,,,*** *** WESTERN UNION,,,I HOPE YOUR COMPANY WILL BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF YOUR IDIOTY AND STUPIDITY! IF ONLY THERE'S OTHER WAY AROUND TO SEND MONEY LIKE WIRE TRANSFER I WOULDN'T USE YOUR *** SERVICE,,,,WESTERN UNION PUTANGINA NYO


They did the same thing to me, told me I was on a government list and they could not allow me to send. The money goes to the same person every time, apparently it is against the rules to be married to someone in a foreign country and try to take care of them. I will never use them again.


well.....ive used westernunion for 4 years straight sending money to support friends and family abroad...suddenly i get transaction declined from online and then went to agent shop..transaction as successfull but receiver could not pick up the money......they instead returned back the transaction and asked me to go and get a refunded from the agent - reason - unclear 1- Business reasons , 2- security reasons 3- the system declined you because your points scored is low 4- .Now all my transactions are declined for no not a terrorist, am not a drug dealer, am in full time employment, , etc......and they don't give a reason?Am now trying to go through FSA (Financial services authority because they regulate westernunion....i need to know exactly why am declined any transaction....


I used this company every day to send $25 to my homeless son so he can eat. Western Union did the same thing to me--put us both off limits for security reasons.

They lost a good customer because of their stupidity. I use MoneyGram now.


WU may be the biggest in the money transfer business but not the best. Also after being blocked for sending money through their system they call back wanting to fix my good customer status.

In no way I ever got a notice that I was not a good customer, Their fraud investigation unit is sham they can't sniff out fraud even if it hit them in the face. Now they are requesting my bank statements, utilities bills, and not only that they want to see the utilities bills of my receiver....not going to happen so taking my business somewhere else and hope their stick keeps dropping.


I had the same thing happen today. I was ask to go through a 10 min interview where i was interrogated.

After submitting to their questions, which were very personal, i was told that if i wanted to continue to use their service, i was going to have to provide my W2 tax returns and well as the receivers recites for how they had spent the money that i had sent to them.

Does that sound like your experience. I am with you, They have lost my business...


I agree they put a block on my account andcthe most I ever sent was $100 about a month ago now all I wanted to send was $60-$70.00 .Wake up u Idiots, Im a citzen of the USA , not everyone who needs to send money is sending it for Drugs or Lottery!


i have experience that about 4times from different person its so upsetting and they are not giving the person any valid reason why its has been return to sender and when i track it online it say available to pick up by receiver it was a good service to use but these days it better to used JN Money transfer or Moneygram


WU are thieves. they are very good at blocking money.

also, blocked money disappears as they flag is as picked up in system. so no one can get it back.

they are the biggest frauds. BEWARE.


Same experience here, tried unsuccessfully to send money for 7 days. Wasted countless hours with clueless customer service.

I used the WUPay option, which is very secure since you don't have to disclose any financial info to them. Still, recipient was refused the payout, in spite of emails and customer service saying that the transaction was approved and money was available. Then it takes them 1.5 weeks or more to refund the money. I tried to send the money with a local agent, but in addition to my drivers license, also wanted my SSN.

yeah right, now way. So pissed, hope this company goes down in flames someday.