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When ever your money transfer is frauded, do n o t discuss with Western Union as Western Union is covered by the FBI and, with that the responsability for Western Union Frauds are placed to the local Attorney General or further on your Governor.So, also a Complaint to the IC3 is senseless. This will be argued in my next documentation.You only give argues there that the local judicial and political responsable authorities do not need to know, building up a wall against you with lies, saying the opposite that you confirmed.

And so you always have a judicial situation, deposwition against deposition, without any success before Court.

So, do the following: Western Union shall send you a receipt of the frauded money and fraudster, inclusive address where the fraud has happened. Western Union is obligated to do that on the base of consumer rights worlwide and here you must go on with your proclaims to the Attorney General and your Governor.Now you, with all rights have to order what you want on the base of consumer rights and the situation: deposition against deposition" is solved.Everyone who is offering services also have to demonstrate the correct handling of their services.

And never forget: the jurisdiccion says that a Transfer is terminated when the Money Transfer Company has handed over the money to a valid passport !All these discussions of Western Union about fraudulent recipients are senseless and only a try to fake you. If the recipient was a fraudster that is the case of the FBI to get him but, according to jurisdiccion n o t your problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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