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I live in Montana and received a Western Union money order in the mail. i first went to a Wal Mart location to cash it and was told Wal Mart can't cash Western Union money orders.

I then went to safeway as this had a Western Union Branch inside. I was told that Werstern Union can not cash there own money orders that they sell. How is this possible? do they not have the ability to call there own business to verify the money order is valid?

or do they not have a money order cashing scanner to run it through to verify the money order is valid. If in fact this is the case as it is my question would be why sell money orders that your own business is unable to cash and what a disservice to the consumer talk about leaving a bad taste in my mouth for Western Union. Has this business not been around sense 1851 with all that time would you not think they could do business in a manner conducive to the general public. Well as I learned the answer is no.

I called to get a location to be able to cash the money order and was hung up on 3 different times.

Then after getting home I called around and was told a 50.00 dollar charge to cash a 200.00 money order. needless to say I wil no longer be doing any finacial business with Western Union

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I love in California, and I receive VA benefits each month. I am a war veteran who served this country, honorably for 20+ years, and I am proud to say my record with the US Army is impeccable.

I have no blemishes at all on my record.

Since I receive VA benefits, I chose to have my funds deposited directly to a prepaid visa, achieve was my choice. My funds were placed on a prepaid visa card a few days prior to my actual payday, but I do not recommend anyone do this because my account was easily hacked into, and my funds were then rerouted to someone who stole my information. When this happened to me, the US government put a stop on every military website that was available for military retired personel to go on to check the status of any funds that were due to be paid or that have been paid because the belief was that is were the hacked for my info.

The US government also said I would need to open a new account for and direct deposits in the future, but I had to wait 90days or until the case was closed to open a new account. I would receive paper checks until I am able to open that account. I chose to get money orders when I went to Safeway to cash my first check. I feared I would lose some cash if I had that much in my wallet or someone may notice all that money and I could get robbed, so money orders made payable to myself was my solution, or so I thought.

Western union is the company that Safeway uses, so I assumed that if they issued money ordered, for sure they would cash them. Well, I was wrong. If that's not the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. That's like opening a got dog store and advertising"ball park Frank's", and only selling "Oscar Mayer"!!

I ended up paying over 100$ to check cashing stores, even though I explained to the customer service lady at Safeway what my plan was. She don't once tell me that my plan wasn't going to work out because I couldn't go back to the same Safeway to cash the money orders I had just paid to receive. So not only did I get screwed because of someone who wanted to steal my benefits, but I also got screwed by Safeway and the check cashing stores. Its not ok at all.

I believe I should have been advised by Safeway customer service that I would not be able to cash those money orders even though that sell them to the customer. I'm very upset with Safeway, but I still choose to do my shopping there:(


Generally, the WU "branches" in stores are NOT actually WU. They are simply run by the store employees and the store receives a commission from WU for selling the money orders. The store has no responsibility for cashing any money orders that are brought in and usually have no way to handle the cash accounting that would result.

Even real WU offices usually do not have the cash to handle large money orders. They will give what cash they can, and issue a check for the rest. It is up to you to take the check to a bank and deposit it - then wait for it to clear.

By the way, there are thousands of scammers sending out fake WU money orders. If you deposit one, it may clear initially, but ultimately will bounce and you will have to repay your bank.



They do not*


That is why you need to have a bank account where to deposit financial items, if not, receive cash