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TO: Western Union Customer Service & RepresentativesOn January 5, 2013 (Friday) I sent a money transfer via the Western Union online web page in the amount of $950.00 US Dollars and was charged an 85.00 Fee for this transaction. The aforementioned money was debited from my Western Union Debit Card (MasterCard).

For this transaction I was both the sender and the receiver as I did not have physical access to my debit card so instead sent the money to myself. When I went to pick up the money transfer from a local western union location I was told that my MTCN number- 776 525 607 6 - did not come up on the Western Union money collection site's computer and neither did my name. I immediately contacted the Western Union Customer Service number to inquire about my wire transfer which I had not received and was told that I would need to wait until Monday, January 7th, 2013 to have the proper staff/personnel address the problem with my failed transaction. Each time I spoke with a customer service member I provided all of my demographics, address, SS# in full as requested, and stated the reason for my call.

Each service representative I spoke with transferred me to another department and/or person--and at my request were often supervisors and still none of them could explain to me why my money was being held or who to contact directly about my money transaction. To date I have still been unable to have my $950.00 plus the $85.00 transaction fee refunded to my Western Union debit card, sent to me via mail in check form, or wired to me via Western Union. The last Western Union service member I spoke with was Abbey on 1/8/2013 around 4:50 pm and she stated that I should call back in 20 days to see when I would receive my money. I have direct deposit and the money debited from my card for this transaction would have been used for my rent and car payment.

I expect to receive an eviction notice for the month of January as I have no other funds available to me; and my car payment will be two months behind due to Western Union's hold on my wired money. I took the opportunity to record some of the names of Western Union customer service representative I have spoken with however not any of them could help me resolve the transaction problem. Many of the persons I have spoken with are not listed below because I have been so stressed and frustrated as well in tears regarding this matter that I failed to write down the names for many of the Western Union Representatives that I spoke with. Note that most of my calls took place beginning 1/5/13 when I realized that Western Union had not forward my web tranfer and I could not pick this tranfer because the money was not made available.

Some of the names of individuals I've spoken with regarding this matter are indicated below: January 7th: Supervisor 195 Supervisor 183 Operator 201(Sam) Operator 278 (Lupa and Only Representative Who Seemed to Express some Empathy) Operator 691 (Rachel) Operator 996 (Jay who also said he name was Michael--was least concerned or helpful) Operator 805 (Jowee) January 8th: Opr 455 (Frank) Supervisor Abbey who would not provide her operator#) Also spoke to many other Western Union personnel after the last two contacts. Western Union earns millions and millions of dollars--why is it too much to request that my $950.00 plus the $85.00 transaction fee be returned to me promptly.

Please do not disregard this matter...I desperately need my money to returned to me expeditiously. Thank you, Karen E Hines28675 Franklin Road, Suite Southfield, MI 48034248-346-1733

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1035.

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Why would anyone send money to themselves and pay 85.00 to do it???