Stafford, Virginia

the first time I tried to use their online service was about 2 years ago,it said they could not verify my phone number which I've been using for years and that i needed to go to an actual location, the supervisor was not of help either,I thought that was the first and the last time,I started using and paypal which are awesome until my sister who lives in Kuwait tried to borrow money from me, my only means in sending her the money is this western union,because they could not verify me online,I had no choice but to go to an actual location which was very inconvenient. Ok so I got the control number and everything but now the Kuwait WU would not release her the money because i didn't put her middle intial on it.

Are you kidding me? Just because I didn't put her middle initial on the receipt,that made it invalid? I was beyond pissed.

So I called the customer service and see if I can modify her name,the lady I spoke to said that they are gonna escalate the issue and that they are gonna call me by 8pm,I waited and waited and I never received a call so I called back in the morning,the next rep said that they are gonna call me w/in 24 hours and I'm still waiting and its more than 24 hours, don't use western union, they have a very poor customer service, very slow in solving your issue,they don't deserve even half a star. I am furious.

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Moneygram and WU are pretty much the same except for the prices. If you use moneygram the middle initial has to be added on the application when filling it out, if not you have to go back to the store and make the proper changes.

Every now and then is good to read the terms and conditions to know how they work and operate.

My best advise is to talk to the receiver and ask how their name appears on the i.d which also has to match letter by letter. I was a customer service rep and what I hatted is that not everyone has common sense!


WU is the worst company ever for customer service. Use MoneyGram, great service and cheaper