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Western Union just is building up apparently a new crime organization in Mexico. Services already are there apparently to be able to fraud your money with the better background of maybe drugs money.

Maybe they will call this crime organization the "Bancoppels/Coppels" or so. Bancoppels/Coppels in Mexico is a very honestly bank and has nothing to do wit that maybe future frauds. Western Union will do it as always: As the staff of a bank does not earn a lot of money, they will offer them a self employed, additional contract for Western Union Transfers. Then Western Union will publish the name and will use the self employed staff to withdraw the transfers from the account, doing payments of 10% to self employed staff and keep the rest of money in their own stock.

So, the name of Western Union as the real fraudster will never been published. So, take care with talks and transfers to Western Union Mexico!!! And again: The bank or government of Mexico has nothing to do with that!!!

It is only Western Union !!! Remember: The government of Mexico has just cancelled the way of working together with the FBI in former way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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