Hartford, Connecticut

I bought a money order for myself. I was going overseas with the Military. The money order went missing. I needed a refund so I spent many phone calls slogging through their *** computer answering system, I'm sure designed so you never talk to a customer representative. Finally success.

Then I jumped through WU's many hurdles including sending the original receipt, the bottom stub of the money order and the privilege of paying an additional $15.00 fee to pay for the cost of the refund.

They said it would take 30-day's to process. It was processed and mailed on 10-29-2013. No refund yet. They say I have to wait an additional 30-day's for the mail cuz "we don't control the mail."

I'm no ***, it doesn't take 15 days for First Class Mail, it is lost (assuming they are telling the truth).

I asked them, "OK so I wait the full 30-day's for the mail, what happens then?". I was told "we will process another refund request." I said, "how long will that take?" Guess what? 30-day's to process and 30-day's to mail! They have had MY money for 6-months now.

First time I ever used Western Union and the absolute last.


Meriden, CT

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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