Port Wing, Wisconsin
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Privacy and Data Security

Yes, they claim to be one thing and provide a great secure service. Let one transaction go through and sent another same place same name and they declined it! Say couldn’t give me any reason why.

So I had to request a refund via check by them. Every time I call I get a different story as to status. Oh checks in the mail... be patient I assure you, you will receive it! It been a month and still nothing!!!! I keep calling get put on hold ask to talk to supervisor and it just rings and rings.... have to keep calling back because I either get hung up on or put on hold for long periods of time. I think they are the ones keeping people’s money...pretty sad!!

I WILL NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!! Their customer service is VERY POOR AND they can’t provide simple information like check number when it was sent no tracking number. Then blame postal service!! What a joke!! I honestly don’t know how they stay in business!

Then asked to check if cleared and put a stop pay on it. They couldn’t do that transferred me again and rang 20 minutes again! And this is just repeated cycle!!

I feel so they can hold my money.

Definitely going to report them and everyone should go on Yelp and write review as well. They can’t tell you nothing about their own business or give to someone higher up to speak to to get resolved but can take your money in seconds and take months of fighting to get what is yours back in the first place after they made decision not to process the transaction!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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