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My wife needed extra money while she was away sending our daughter to boarding school so I sent her two thousand Five hundred (Php 2,500.00) to cover what she needed and I sent it through her USCC card in a Western Union Branch near us. 30 Minutes after sending the money, I have called my wife that the amount was already sent she could withdraw it.

My wife tried numerous time but it still reflected the old balance and after numerous tries, she was wasn't able to get the money. On my end as the sender, I tried numerous times to get answers from the branch I sent the money but they just kept on saying that they will call me. At one pint, the branch manager told me that the the card balance was sill reflecting the old balance but he absolutely know that I have reloaded the card not more than a coupe of hours. Now as we're trying to deal with this, we're now being referred to their customer service.

It's really annoying that they can not resolve this at the level where the transaction was done and what's more annoying is that they told us it would take about a week to resolve the issue. And when they said resolve the issue, it wasn't even clear if we can get the money back after that one week or just an answer when will they'd be able to return the money. And I have sent an email to their customer service regarding the issue but they never even bothered to reply. It seems they're not prepared to deal with the issue and all they do is either to keep us waiting or pass us around.

I suggest to everyone who will be able to read this not to use their USSC Card service because if there are issues, they will not be able to deal with this quickly, efficiently and professional. They already caused much inconvenience and their lack of proper response is even causing more inconvenience!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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This issue was resolved just today July 25, 2013. We're thankful the director for their customer service has personally taken up the issue and was on top the issue the whole time until this was resolved.

Like we have been saying before, we have used their service many times and we never said their service was a scam. Their people in customer service has a lot to learn from their director on how to properly deal with issues like this or any issue with customer for that matter.


Hi Jerome, what are the procedures you did to resolve the issue. My girlfriend deposited P10,000 on her USSC card but when we needed the money and withdraw it from an ATM, our PIN was invalid. What should we do.