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This is still in connection with my previous complaint that is still unresolved ( I again called their Customer Service to follow up on the issue and I was surprised they have asked me to resend all my emails because my emails have been DELETED! Well this only prove that they do not care about any customer reports and complaints. They just deleted all my emails without even taking on the issue. Now they informed me that they may not be able to return our money because a third party bank said the transaction was successful! FACT-OF-THE-MATTER is, PS BANK don't give a *** because it's not their ATM card anyway! And it's been a couple of weeks and my loss have been mounting because of following up on them!

USSC doesn't take responsibility of the matter and we as paying customer have been hassled and inconvenienced by their faulty service! And now we're being inconvenienced more by following up on them!

The money is not the issue anymore but I am hoping this would get a lot of attention and reach all those who are thinking of using USSC card. Although I may say that their service is not a scam, but because they're not prepared to deal with issues and problems and their customer service is the worst! I warn the public not to use USSC Card because if you'll have issues, you will end up being referred to 2nd or 3rd party office and people.

This is the worst service experience we ever had and worst customer service I have ever encountered!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $70.

  • Universal Store Front Service
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