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Ivy from philippines

I tried to get a money that was sent to me in one of your branches here in the philippines. But your employee in francis market malabon did not even offer me a help but continued playing on her tablet.

When i ask for her assistance she actually look irritated at me and get the form check the things that i must answer but did not explain it to me. So i end up asking her questions only to find out in the end that i can not get the money because my boyfriend just put ivy palac instead if ivy star palac, which irritates me more. And because of irritance with that attitude of your employee towards me and by being so unprofessional to her work i ask her what is the use of having a control number and and asking for valid id's if its no use just because my man did not put my 2nd name??? What if its an emergency and life and death situation??

Do you think we can value the service your offering to us?? And when i read your rules on sending money and receiving it. It only says check the details, get the control number, bring id!!!!! Nothibg says please put the COMPLETE NAME OF THE RECIPIENT!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of people who uses your service that is why we are so willing to try your good qualityof service that you offered to your prospective and already loyal clients.. But if they were in my situation do you think your valued clients will not gonna drop their partnership towards your company? Specially that your employee shouted on a clients face??) its felts like i was slap hard on my face in that kind of unprofessional service employee you have!! I must say playing tablet during office hours, not welcoming a client for service assistant, screaming to a client is not a good quality of service!!

I hope that, that employee in that particular branch will get fired! Show us that you don't tolerate such actions and you really want to offer good service on your clients.. No immediate action means you are no capable of good service. And no good service mean i have to escalate it and tell my friends and you are not that competitive enough to give us good service.

I must say.

You should value your customers!!!! I am sorry but i really despise the reaction and the bad experience i had with your employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Are they WU employees, or are they employees of a company that offers WU services. Until I further research my own question, I'm beginning to believe, they are employees of a company, whether it be a pawn shop or supermarket that offers WU services.

The place from where I sent my WU and had a problem with the money transfer, looked solely like it was only for WU business, and yet in the upper corner of the printed out customer receipt is the company name; USSC Service Store. Even though the store looks like it is solely WU, I can not say the clerk/agent sitting at the desk is a WU employee. I am going to begin to ask the question. Especially in store that give the appearance of being solely WU place of business, yet there is a business logo type name of a business which may be offering WU MTCN services. What a mess of confusion, but I am not determined to find out and better understand the structure of WU.

Your experience of the clerk busy enjoying her Ipad or book is so typical and representative of poorly trained persons who sit in office chairs to give professional service. It is the same lack of training I saw in a place I frequent, where the young female employee was sweeping the floor with one hand and hold a lime color cell phone in the other.