Here's my dilemma , I paid my Mortgage Co. with WU (I was two months behind).

Got confirmation of payment being sent and accepted ,then 3 days later my mortgage co calls and tells me WU took back payment.So I needed to pay both payments or I had to get out of home.I don't understand what is going on,Mortgage Co. said call WU so I did .The gentleman handling the call not only was useless but arrogant, rude, and would not TRY to help me.

I have paper work showing the amount withdrawal from Debit card and he told me I didn't have money to cover transaction .I did My bank statement shows it being posted .Told him I could fax ,email or whatever needed to show him this .He didn't want no part of it. The worst thing about it.Here it is Xmas day and I already feel bad ,I didn't really have funds for gifts for my kids ,I had to deal with this on top of it.He hung up on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Newport, Maine, United States #230912

The Vice President of WU is Kristine.Diehl@westernunion.com. Hope this helps.


Keep trying with WU. Also look online for the Comptroller of Currency in your state.

I had a billing dispute with Bank of America and the C of C had the problem resolved in less than a week. Provide them with as much detail and documentation as possible as well as what relief you seek, which sounds in your case like WU paying the mortgage company with the money you gave them. It also sounds like you paid WU online. Did you get a confirmation number or print a receipt?

While that may not be necessary, if you have other means of proving payment it would be helpful. Once you get your payment straightened out you may want to consider autopay.

It's safe and reliable. You'll have one less headache about that roof over your head.

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