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On Saturday, August 21, 2010 I posted US $112.99 for a transfer that was supposed to be put at my daughter's Western Union Card because she is out of the country. When I call 877-989-3268 to confirm that the transfer was made from my debit card to my daughter's card they confirm it was done.

I specifically ask the lady if the money was going to be in my daughter's card immediately for it was an emergency and she say YES. To my surprise that was not the case. So I call back with my MTCN # and they told me that the money will be there for pick up. I got really angry because it was late night on a Saturday and there will be not Western Union open until Monday.

That's really unacceptable for it was an emergency. Then I call back to cancel the transfer and when prompted by the automatic answering service I enter the MTC# given to me and it was accepted. So this is my third time calling at Western Union to 877-989-3268 on the same day. When I was transfer to a costumer service representative he requested the MTCN # again after I entered thru the automatic service and was accepted he said that the MTCN # I gave him was wrong and requested me to call back again when I get the correct information.

I call back with detail information about the transaction and requested the transfer to be cancelled and refunded to my account and they said they'll do so. All this is since Saturday, August 21, 2010 and according to them I should have my money back on my account on three to five business days. Well on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 call back requesting information about my refund that was supposed to be processed on Saturday, August 21, 2010 and they said it was never made but they'll do it immediately. Well today when reviewing my statement to my surprise the only amount refunded of the US $112.99 taken from my account by Western Union was the payment for the transfer that was never made US $12.99.

So I call my bank and they said that was the only amount refunded, at this point I am pissed so I call Western Union and the gentleman handling the call not only was useless but rude and did not help me with my problem so I requested to talk to a supervisor. When they put the supervisor in the telephone I ask him about my money he say he will find out, I'm still waiting for his phone call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $112.

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It was a scam!


they took 300. from me checking said i wouldhave it back in a couple days.


Same situation in Montenegro! I send money in Germany and after one days money was stolen! I still wait court!


Had a situation sort of like this- the custumer service reps were arrogant, rude, and would not TRY to help me. I was told my transaction could not be completed due to the fact my phone number is not listed.

its been listed for ten years. I asked them to try to enter the number again, perhaps the agent made a mistake and punched wrong number. I was told that was impossible and was hung up on. called back, they would not allow me to speak to supervisor.

I had to BEG agent to try my number again. I was told there was no use, the results would be the same. I argued to get off his @#$# and just try.

finally did- and transaction went thru. worst customer service imaginable.