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I used the westerunion for the first and most certainly last time a few days ago by transferring money from my personal account to their WUPAY account to be sent to Cyprus.

The money was taken from my account and after a few minutes I received an email informing me that the transfer has been declined! as there has been a difference between I guess bank account name and my name with VU !!(I say I guess because I am still puzzled by this and they can not make it clear to me and keep on saying it was a business decision made by WU to decline the transfer!!) and also in the same email they advised me that I can still send money but if I use a debit/credit card.

Although annoyed for wasting my time but I thought for whatever reason they might have I had to accept it and I had to find another way of sending this money, but I was very wrong , the main problem had just started I could not get my money back from them to send it any other way!!!

They actually started denying that they were holding the money and it was still with my bank and they only had an authorisation code.

True if I had used a card payment method but not in my case where cash had been moved to their account, but they kept on repeating themselves and when asking my bank ,my bank kept on saying what a load of Rubbish!

I still do not have my money back and waiting for it to appear in my account as it disappeared!!! meanwhile decided to use my bank to make the transfer at least they can not give me the authorisation code story!! I wonder if WU can legally hold your money when the service is not provided??

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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