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Hi gud experience with western union was,,,my bf/fiance is trying to send me money for the process of my paper..he went to some outlet somewhere in Nebraska adn send me certain amount and got the code..but after a few hours they call him and said that he cant send money to me because they think im a SCAMMER..but my fiance told them that hes thankful that theyre concerned about them..but he still want to continue the transaction despite that..but the western union told them that they also have the right to declined the transaction...we'll it happen twice..and i dont know why im being blocked!!! can i know if im being blocked?...i don't have any idea..and i was so offended with it..

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #681387

I agree! I have same problem sending to my wifey in Phil...

We HATE WU!!! :(

to NeverWUagain Ashburn, Virginia, United States #685292

u better use Xoom its easy and convenient plus there service fee is cheaper...thats what we use now since WU denied us..such a Racist!!!


Are you from Asia? It's an obvious example of DISCRIMINATION!!

same thing is happening to us. My husband always and regularly sends us money transfer yet they are always.. almost regularly putting those transfers "ON HOLD". Once a colleague of my husband sent money to Hawaii and Manila...

money transfer sent to Hawaii went through but the money sent to Manila was put ON HOLD and was later on cancelled. WU excuse is: it might be a SCAM/FRAUD. Dont they have a database to see that their clients regularly sends money to this people... Its just but logical that my husband sends me money coz we have kids to feed and bills to pay...

that is the reason why he is working anyway. WESTERN UNION SUCKS BIGTIME!!!

Hate this company so much. :(


You are the second person I've read today where WU decided if you sending money to another person is a scam. It seems to be a pattern developing.

I am new at this site PO and did post my PO comment and also registered a complaint with the newly formed federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which you can find and register a complaint online no phone call involved.

I less than 48/hrs the CFPB has contacted WU.

Have they refunded you the principle amount and the service fees for both transactions?

Gerhard K
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany #632078

Western nion cannot decline the transfer when they once agreed to it. As a legal company it is submitted under existing laws and so, when they agreed a valid contract they cannot decline it any longer with wordds like "believe, maybe or so".

They must pay and in cases that they have severe suspects they must hand it over to the FBI. But they, as private company must do thge payments as every other bank. With, what they think, and so on, they could fake every Transfer!! So, see there reaction and then immediately a complaint to your Attorney General.

He must act according to law. Western Union needs reasons to decline a valid contract and these are not those like thinking!!!

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