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I purchased baby formula, name brand bags and clothing for my relatives in China. Then they sent me money to reimburse my expenses.

Yesterday, they sent me $5000 via WU. I went to pick up the money and was told they were holding it and need 15 minutes to review the transaction. I waited 20 minutes and was told the money couldn't be released until I call their 800 number. I called and was forced to listen to their sales pitch for 30 minutes before a guy picked up the phone.

He asked my name, address, the control number and confirmed everything. He had no clue why I couldn't receive my money. He said the sender had to call WU to verify all the info. What?

Didn't they have everything in front of them? Anyway, I had to call my brother in China and asked him to call WU. Hours later, my brother called me and said he called and they asked me to call WU again. I had no choice but to call them again.

Here came the fun part. The lady on the other end of the line started interrogating me. What's the relationship between you and sender? Why did he send you money?

Where did the money come from? Do you have a job? What do you do for a living? Does the sender have a job?

What did you buy for him? How much did you spend on shipping? ......

I felt extremely insulted. She was treating me like a criminal!!!

I held my anger and answered all her questions, humiliated. In the end, she asked me to provide receipts of the goods I bought for my relatives and the shipping document. I couldn't take it any more. Not only I didn't keep garbage, but also I don't have the obligation to give away what type of milk my niece drinks.

I said, "NO, I can't do that." She said WU would return the money to the sender and I wouldn't be using WU in the future.

I said, "fine, WU is dead for me from now on".

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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This happened to me today, a friend of mine sent some money from Canada to me in Jamaica, this is not first he has done so, he has done it twice before. Its not much either just $200.

I was told to wait 15 mins then after that I was told I can't get the money. I called the person who sent it, he called them and he told them I was barred for illegal activities. I am shocked at this revelation, I want WU to tell me what illegal activities I have been doing.

No one can give me an answer. :(


Big money, lots of scams involving WU, they are being careful. Like it or lump it. I think WU is doing the right thing.


They told me they will return the fee. Yet when my brother went to get the money back.

They refused to refund the fee! Are they robber?


Yeah, until it happens to you. :roll