Los Alamitos, California
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I have two $400, 7 - 11 Western Union Money Orders. 7 - 11 in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach Wouldn't cash them, Ralph's in the Target Center in Los Alamitos Center at Ralphs Western Union wouldn't cash. They told me to go to the original place that it was purchased. That's a 100 miles away in Big Bear Lake, California. What a bunch of ***! The Western Union at Pavillions said that their machine was broken and they were the ones that sent me to the Ralphs on Los Alamitos Bl.

Do not use Western Union or 7 - 11. They suck! I was told that money orders were just like cash. WRONG!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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7-11 Money orders are no good, you can not use them anywhere and my bill payment was returned with a non-payment fee of $35.00. If you buy these money orders you are ***.

They wont even give you your money back on their own money orders, So I ask YOU why buy these. Tomorrow I'm taking mine to the state District Attorney to start charges against 7-11 and Allen Financial Services to recoup all expenses incurred because of their bogus money orders.


Man *** them money orders..

No good at all easy to get but hard to cash...


I stopped payment on a money order that I never received, called several times finally I spoke to someone and he said it went through but it would take a month to receive a new check, time goes by and no check, called and the lady this time acts like she doesn't see my case , she puts me on hold and says that she see that it was sent on Sept 21 and I should receive it on October 21. Really??

So since Aug 19,2014 I haven't received a check. Never again will I use Western Union money orders.

I'll stick with my bank money orders. I will be taking further action if check never comes by October 21,14


7-11 isn't a bank. Even if 7-11 had $400 in cash it's probably locked up in the overflow safe where employees cannot just get into anytime they want. Banks cash money orders just fine.