Huntington Woods,Michigan
Not resolved

I was trying to send 50.00 using their online... I had to create an account to do so, the price was at first 12.00 to send then I was told I had to wait 2 to 4 days to receive some code in the mail....

I went to live chat and they said I would have to go to a Western union location for 5.00 or make the credit card payment over the phone for 17.00. So I called the number that I think routed me to India and They had all the online info I had put in and they wanted my address and my phone number and my credit card number (again) and the security code, and my full social security number,my mothers maiden name, and how much my car payment was, and how much my mortgage payment was in 2000 (just principal and interest)Well that was 3 mortgage companies and a loan modification ago so I could not remember.... So I could not send my miserable 50.00....and they told me it was going to cost 24.00 to send it...

but the hold is still on my card. I will never do business with them again

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