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received two email notifications from WU early this morning saying two transfers just happened in my account. Luckily both transactions were detected as fraud by WU and got cancelled.

I use WU once in a while and had bank account saved. The hacker used name of my old receivers but changed address info. Clearly they even knew the balance of the linked bank account cause they were trying to send max available funds. I phoned WU and they filed case for me.

I also deleted bank account from WU and deleted that account. Will never trust any site who wants to store my payment info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Account.

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Same thing happened to me today, Deleted credit card info, smh.. yes, I was stupid to have it stored on there, smh...

lesson learned. Deleting account as well.


Someone has tried three times to use my WesternUnion account. But fortunately I use a prepay card and only put in the exact amount I need. But I still delete the card after I have finished the transaction


Today it just happened to me. What I do not understand is why is Western Union not doing something about this?

I call to file and I barely understand the person I am speaking with. I will never use Western Union again.


Same thing happened to me and to add insult to injury, I could barely understand the Rep. Deleted information and deleting account.


Same happened to me this week. Password was hacked.

4 transactions were made. 3 got cancelled but one for 380 went thru.

I'm going to file a police report tomorrow hopefully WU issues me a refund. Obvious case of fraud thru their vulnerable website.


The same thing happened to me last week. Luckily I caught it minutes after the two transactions happened when I logged in to my bank account and reported to both the bank and WU.

But despite me reporting it a 3rd transaction still went through the next day. This is still under investigation and it's causing me a lot of stress.


Same thing happened to me today. Hacker made 2 transactions of 2999$.

They used the same name and address which I used to send money and only changed the recipient Bank details.Unfortunately, this was never caught by the Western Union. I got an email after the transaction is complete.

And western union don't want to own the issue now. Appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with western union now.