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1) gave them the tracking number. 2) provided ID; however, sender sent it in first and last name but my ID has a middle initial.

called sender to include middle initial for receiver. done. 3) returned to WU with proper ID; however, they are requesting my social security card. i lost my card but i know my number.

I showed them 3 form of ID ... drivers license, voting ID, and passport but they still want the social security card. 4) return with last two pay check stubs from the government with my social security number and proper name that matches my ID. i also showed my W2 tax return forms and the manager insisted that it had to be my social security card.

how much official can you get with two previous pay check stubs from the government and W2 form? Isn't it just to verify my name? 5) inconveniently called sender to request to change the receiver name to my husbands since he had both a drivers license ID and his social security card. sender tried to call the 1800 that she used earlier but was told that she has to go back to the WU she sent the money from and change it in front of them.

I am baffled at how difficult it is to try and get your money from WU. First, how would I know to go to WU to pick up money? How would I know the transfer number to give them? If I don't give them that number, they won't even look anything up without the number so why all the difficulty in trying to pick up money that belongs to me?!

I gave them 3 forms of ID ... drivers license, voter ID, and passport. 2 recent check stubs from the government with my name and social security number and my 2016 W2 form and they still wouldn't accept official copies of my social security number. They said it had to be the social security card.

I drive all the way to town to the social security office only for it to be closed early because it's a Wednesday. The manager didn't have the wisdom or discretion to consider my documents of the check stubs and W2 form. This whole ordeal happened at the Nuuuli Western Union located by Shoe Tree, American Samoa. Please, I felt like these people were trying to keep my money.

Again, why make it so difficult for people to pick up their money from WU? Allow some considerations with other documents that verify the social security number. My whole ordeal yesterday was frustrating and stressful. I went there 3 times and was not able to get anything with all the documents and ID I showed them.

Also, the WU that the sender went to could've let her know about the exact name needed on the ID and the social security number.

So much unnecessary drama! Very dissatisfied with Western Union!

Review about: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: requirements for ID.

I didn't like: How situation is handled.

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