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Good Morning,

I had received an email from Western Union Malaysia which I attached , please check the attached file why they sent the email to my personal email and i am not sure how they get my email address. I believe its an offensive activity which is not acceptable like an international organization specially financial activities. Before I was received another email from Western Union Malaysia. So I am not clear about this email. I'm living in London and don't have any relation with Malaysia or no connection with someone there. I will waiting for your valuable response. Please advise. My email is below.

Many Thanks

Mohitush Datta

Reason of review: email.

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This is not a scam, this is a phishing email.The perpetrator needs this information in order for them to create a profile either through Western Union or any other money transfer base company.

Once you send your personal information they may start asking for an account number or a "payment method".

This is also known as social engineering in which your personal information is compromised, and basically what the perpetrators do is start calling to financial institutions pretending to be you and obtaining your financial information.Please remember this organizations may used the name and reputation of huge companies (such as Western Union) to increase the opportunity of steal your information through an email.


You know damn well that it is a scam


It looks like a scam. Place in spam file and delete.

Do not reply to this. I have had similar e-mails and they appear to good to be true.