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Blocklist name

How i know if my name is still blocklist in a western union for i know if i can get money or recieve money using western union

2 answers

I was trying to send money they refused me

Harry Rollins

Try to contact Western Union customer service for an assistance by phone at 800-325-6000

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Western Union services

I would like to know why Western Union Stop me from sending money. Have I broken any rules?

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Refused service

by FastSiamese

I am blocked from using western union. I do travel a lot and because of this use a number of ID's.

I have been sending money thru this company for over 23 years. I called your services and cant get a good answer to why I am blocked. I have paid, now they were going to refund my money and that is cancelled.

How will I receive the $500. That is owed me.

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missing Control number

by user77450234

Hello, i transfered money from Groningen(Netherlands) to cameroon on 1st September 2017, to Francisca Mbongo Itoe. I sent her all the information but she could not receive the money because she was told the control number was incorrect.

Iseem to have misplaced and can't find the document with the number on it any more. what can be done?

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