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Have made a money transaction on Internet through Western Union Australia on 11th June 2012. The transaction was for $ 260.72 or 200.00 Euros sent as a donation to a parish in Romania. Western Union shortly after informed me that the transaction did not go through with any other explanation and also informed me that a refund of $260.72 was made to my account less transaction fee of $20.00!!!???

Since then I was told countless times by email and phone that a refund was made to my account! However that refund just NEVER happens and I feel like am taken for a ride, being told lies after lies!

It is very disappointing if not downright appalling the way Western Union Australia is handling the above matter!

For anyone who intends to use Western Union Australia, DO NOT!! Please think twice before using such a high way robbery business!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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It really sounds like when Western Union executes a service, there is no assistance or care given after they take your money.

If that Romanian parish has a bank account, you can try using a service called TranferWise instead (great exchange rates as well) using my link: - you get your first £3000 of transfer for free as well with that link like I did when I started to use it when I was in France for a whole year studying.




I have been ripped off by western union !! i cancelled a transaction over a month ago and they were happy to refund my $256AUD i was told it was to be in my account that i was debited from within 7-14 days .

It has now been 6 weeks and guess what... no money!!! I have called them over 20 times and they all tell me the same thing... that on there system my money has been refunded already.

I have contacted my bank to make sure it wasnt a problem at there end and they assured me that there has been no money deposited to my account at all from western union. I was then asked by western union to provide a bank statement to prove the money was not there , i have sent this statement over a week ago and called 6 times since i sent the statement but they keep telling me that they are waiting for a reply from there own people ??.

I am unsure how i can take it further as there is only one costomer centre and no higher duties staff that i can contact.


i suggest using banks to transfer money overseas even if the fees are higher , at least they have proper records of there transactions and they may be able to be traced.

i am not going to give up I hope to get my money back


Not that this'll go anywhere.

CASHBACK PAYDAY ADV #17 17292 Mc Fadden Ave #c Tustin, CA 92780 states: Schedule for next 7 Days, Monday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

I arrived at 8:15, and was closed. I lost time from work, meaning money, due to the unprofessionalism by Western Union. I won't use their services again.

Once Bitten Twice Careful

I suggest you may want to take them to Small Claim Court found in most Australian cities. I did and got my money back. Good luck


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