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This is in reference to -- This website is a waste of time and money. Spent many hours trying to create a transaction that would wire $150.

from my bank account in FL to another in Costa Rica. This was my 1st experience in my life wiring money and it was HORRIBLE. After submitting a lot of personal information, copy of Drivers License and Passport, all numbers of bank account and copy of statement-- and at least 5 hours on the computer over a 6 day period... what did I get for it?

An agent telling me the transaction was booked backward and 32 cents was sent to Costa Rica and I have been charged a $22. service fee. I was informed that I should be happy that I wasn't charged a $35. cancellation fee.

There is no excuse for charging for a service that was not delivered. If you need to send $$$ anywhere: Here is what I learned... Go to your local Supermarket or convenience store and they can wire if for you within minutes.

The paperwork takes about 2 minutes and in another 5 minutes the money will be at its destination. In my case, it cost $14.99 to wire $150.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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This isn't Western Union. The website is a fraud. You got ID theft'ed.