Omaha, Nebraska

IBOUGHT A MONEY ORDER FROM THE STORE I SHOP .SENT MO TO VERIZON ON 3/12/12 THEY SAYTHEY NEVER RECIEVED IT YET .CALLED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE .14464924689 DOES NOT EXCISTall im asking is that some one please check the numbers for me so that my phone dont get shut off.i have been using your money orders for quite some and never had this problem until now.i pay my phone electric cable my medical insurance i have even sent a money order to my daughter for christmas and her birthday and never had any problems until now please help me ????

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Why are you using money orders, which can be stolen or lost in the mail?

Go to your local credit union and either get cashier's checks (often free) or get a debit card and just put enough into the linked account to pay the bills. Then pay on-line.

conrad 54

please try and help me ?

conrad 54

please help me ?