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ATTN: Mr. Attorney General Eric H. Holder JR:

Ref: Western Union

After still waiting for important answers to my last E-Mails, I think that we still go in common in the following points that will be still one point in a listed incident of european countries at an american Court against Western Union next week including necessary Court decisions and the protection behaviours of american crime authorities (Here: FBI) in responsability of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the USA.

1. The illegal Export of Billions of Euro to foreign countries besides the european ones is crime at its utmost and only can be realized with so called “crime organizations” or in a Mafia Style. Illegal

Export also is given when the Money Transfer Company (here: Western Union) and the crime organization, or there “self employed staff” (fraudsters) is the same company as already documentated

without any troubles in cases of Western Union.

2.. To be able to hide the Western Union name behind the frauds is the buiding up and schooling of crime organizations in foreign countries, and with that the importing of crime to foreign countries

punishable by law and against several international laws.

3. These immense criminal activities only can be realized in all foreign countries when there is a strong force behind it of crime authority (FBI) to prevent investigations, subpoenas and Court affairs

ordered by the all responsable administrative, judicial Minister of Justice and Attorney General. To change the tasks of these administrative, judicial authorities from fighting against fraud to prevent

this fraud means at all changes the principe “law and order” in its fundaments and therefore is punishable at the utmost by law.

4. It is already demonstrated that 42 Attorney Generals “accept” 59% participation in fraud by Western Union that worldwide maybe can be nominated to approximately 67%. Incredible and out of any task

that Attorney Generals’ of the United States of America have, especially as they know that this is crime participation in a very high range and they have to bring it down to 0% but they refuse that

because in that way now they can playa cashier from Western Union to save there boarders to Mexico and this will be lost in the other case.. To keep up also for the future these illegal interests they, of

course, must be interested in the continously work of parts of the FBI responsable for Western Union Frauds. To save their boarders to Mexico they let fake the population worldwide !!!

5. The usage of money here is the same way as washing money. Using the sent money from the population for underpriviliged children, orphans, food is abuse it and cannot be handled like tzhe money

from drug- or weapon-businesses and so on. Whereas money from drugs- and weapon businesses are already based on an illegal result of work is the money hear well earned, taxed, short: legal

ownership of money, and cannot abused by countries of the USA but has to be refunded to the owner. Everything else is robbery. And what is with the money of the foreign countries ???

There are a lot of more points of illegal administrative, judicial crime behaviours to discuss until the suspensions of parts of the Constitution of the United States of America, of “law and order” to accuse, in the responsability of the Attorney General of the USA that needs an urgent jurisdiccion and so we will list this lawsuit in the following week and the compensation request on the same base as American States already are compensated by Western Union in a heigth of 1.4320.000.000.00 € compensation amount (result of 14 european countries) next week at an American Court. You will be informed from there especially out of this reason as Western Union still further on does not realize the offered compromise by my side that still would have saved them approximately additional € compensation requests from countries of the asian and russian markets that I have finished and will come over to America soon. My compromise still can be realized until the end of this week but I see no movement from Western Union’s side and the only confirmation that they want to pay, after 3 years lies is not enough to treat with crimers.

Awaiting your swift reply

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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