i receive 2 money orders for work performed a grand total of 62 dollars. so i ride around town for 3 hours checking every place that has the BIG western union sign in the window and NONE of them will cash a money order. sure they will sell it to you, but whats the point when no one will cash it????

wasting my time to deal with western union and all the places that sell something they won't except tells me just how utterly useless our currency has become.

do yourself a favor, never use western union for anything. since they places that sell them don't take them, neither will i anymore. bank checks are not excepted anymore either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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Yes great post and very truthful. I had the same problem this weekend and my bank will not except them either. 08/02/2018


After 4 hours, 11 phone calls and a dozen locations I'm still stuck with this worthless western union money order. Never again will i use this company for ANY monetary transaction.

Worse than a check and I feel that WU stole $62 from me. Nobody will cash this waste of paper!!!

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #1125979

the exact same happened to me today. I received a western union money order and went to 7 (yes 7) different places that had western union signs, as well as signs for money orders.

not a single one of these (grocery stores, pharmacy, truck stop, Walmart, train station) will cash a western union money order.

yet they will all gladly take your money and print you out a money order. its complete ***.

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