My husband sent 2 transactions through online last December 31, 2012.After finishing the application and received the MTCN , western union sent him an email saying his transactions has been pause/hold for some reason.

He checked his visa where he used to send the money and saw that the amount was deducted on his account already. He called western union that day and asked whats the reason why his transactions had been put on hold, they said for verification!! what the heck!! My husband has been using western union for 6 months to send money to me and now they said they need verification!!!

he has sent bigger amounts with BIG FEES from them for the past months and they didnt asked for any verification!. He sent email to them about the problem and requested to send back the first transaction to is account. They did it but didnt return the fee. The second transaction was not being cancelled so we went to an agent to pick it up, however the agent said the MTCN they sent to mu husbands emial DOES NOT MATCH to any transactions!

We tried to get it to another outlet of western union but to our despair, still NO MATCH!! *** western union! We called a so called "swedish" customer service who does not even understand swedish and english!!! Does not not how to solve the problem and all he knows to say is hmmm, hmmmm, hmmm!!!

Now we emailed western union about the probleme and a certain Tina responded saying they sent back already the money thats why the agent couldnt see any match!! the heck!! don't they have a data base where they can see which of the two transactions has been cancelled and returned???? they only return one transaction, the other transaction was gone!!!

we couldnt get it!!!!

SO FRAUD WESTERN UNION!!!Give back our money!!!!

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Cagayan De Oro, Northern Mindanao, Philippines #1343314

my boyfriend send me money transfer true western union but when i get the money, the western union said it hold

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana #1289036

How can my money be on hold as my friend who made the transaction said western union called him that the money will take 4 days before I receive..Still money on hold


I hate westrn union...they are not good


That just happened to me.Finished doing an online transaction to send my parents money then they email me and tell me that the transaction has been canceled but they will not tell me the reason why they have canceled it.

The other thing is they will take 7 days to refund the money back. Why hold my money if you are gonna cancel my transaction??

I am never using western union again. They have started acting like they are a monopoly. After these happened I was so frustrated and went looking for other ways to send money and there are plenty World Remit being one.

It's exchange rate is better than WU and their transaction fee is almost half WU so stuff WU.

They act as if the money they send is theirs.


Go with moneygram or walmart to Wal-Mart and you'll never have this problem.

to Anonymous #1373053

Too bad this happened to me with MoneyGram and they just deleted my whole profile and told me basically I couldn't use their service any more...after taking and holding my money... thats why I started using western union....and now they have practically done the same thing minus deleting my profile.


Western union are full of sh!ts


MONEYGRAM does the same thing. apparently, there is a database monitored by the government whereby if your name or similiar is on this list, your funds get detained so as to ensure you aren't a terrorist or narco trafficker...notice how this is just beginning when those old money senders NEVER had this problem!!


I'm the husband and it keeps happening with "On hold" or "Cancelled" tranfers...I'm verified by WU and i'm using their online service.

If they of some unknown reason stops my tranfer, why in *** do they deduct my account and keep the money for 15 DAYS!?! It's year 2013 and they "need" 15 days to refound money to the customers!?!

The reason this time was "You tried to send same amount 3 times to same reciever" - Of course!

Your *** online service didnt work the 2 first times and it was only showing an error-page!:( :( :(


:( Western Union SUCKS BIGTIME!!!They put the money sent by my husband on hold for the 6th time now.

To think that they already interviewed my husband for almost an hour, and same thing happened the next time he sends money. Dont they have a database where they can see the records? Its just logical for my husband to send us money because we are his family. MoneyGram and Paypal doesn't have the same complaints, I already googled it.


plus Customer Service SUCKS also.:(

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