Sydney, New South Wales

I have been sending money for years to my wife in Thailand via western union online but they keep asking me to call and verify my small transfers. Last nite they said they would call me back in an hour to confirm my transaction and I said it was too long as the transfer was urgent.

When I tried another operator they have banned me from using their site and they will not let me send money even from an agent they said my transfers were suspicious!

They will not let me talk to anyone to clear up the matter! Its a disgraceful way to treat a previously loyal and regular customer..

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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No need to use Western Union anymore. It makes your heart ache. Many are honest and hard working people who just want to help loves ones back home.


They basically treats u like criminals because u r sending $25 and $100 to support someone. But the real criminals out there who are sending millions everyday never get asked a question. It’s always the innocent ones that suffer


Great point! They should close down.

It should never be a crime to help love ones!

Customers should stop sending money through Western Union. They should investigate the real criminals with enormous amount and not those who care for their love ones back home.


Stop sending money through Western Union. Your heart will just ache. People like you who just wants to help love ones should never be treated as criminals but treated well and with respect!


They did me like that too. I want to sue, contact me 803-633-5983


Ey, what did you guys do? They bloqued me for no reason!!


am going through the same way too, after all this years been sending money I work so had for been blocked and wouldn't even allow me to talk or even explain , I cant believe that's how they treat their old clients but thanks to technology so many this days can be used to send the money




Blocked me from online use for no good reason and then requested huge amounts of confidential information for reinstatement. Having discovered moneygram told them politely to fade away.


I sent this to western union recently:

I have been a very good customer for many years. My job as an outside sales representative has taken me all over Canada and the Unites States . My wife is American and I have family in Canada and the United states. I've always thought that Western Union was a fast, easy and convenient way to send or receive money although as of late that has changed significantly. Your network is often down, there are issues with transactions due to incompetent, rude cashiers and customer service reps. I was told that my last transaction was rejected because "Western Union does not want to do business with me anymore". After asking why, I was told that western Union does not disclose that information! Is that how you treat your good customers?

Now, you want me to give you all my personal information so you can grace me with the privilege of being your customer?! Well ***!

I have discovered recently that my bank will allow me to send and receive money at the click of a mouse with nearly no cost. So thank you for making me realize that Western Union is a useless pain in the *** and an unnecessary expenditure. Thank you for making me realize that Western Union is unprofessional and does not care about its customers. I will take advantage of every opportunity to advise others to not do business with Western Union so you can take your reinstatement request and shove it up your *** because I am not interested in being your customer anymore.


Great job!