Montgomery, Alabama

I used a Negro Baseball League Stamp on the missing envelope. I expect that these white supremacist [racist] post office workers are trashing

all the African American Stamps. My $100.00 Western Union Money Order was

mailed to Fairfield, Ohio, made payable to DNA Diagnostic Services; mailed

on 2/8/11 as of 2:00 pm today, they did not receive it; their ph.# is:800-

681-7134; my account #is: GR8259; My name is Albert Franklin Lankster, my Ph.# is 334-295-1026.

Somebody's got $100.00 interest free for 3 or 4 months; if this is done several times, it could add up to a continous free-use money scheme. I bought the Money Order @ Papa's IGA in Linden, AL. (334) 295-8888

Without the original customer receipt, western union will not refund lost

money orders; Western Union reserves the right to levy a $15.00 refund fee,

decuctable from the $100.00 Most people, I believe, fail to keep their

money order receipts. Who keeps the money when the post office loose money

orders in the mail? This is a matter that need to be investigated by the

FBI. Substantial sums of un-claimed money is beung held in abeyance by

sellers of money orders or somebody, fostering unjust inrichment. I am the remainder of Albert Franklin Lankster, residing at 1000 Coats Avenue

Linden, Al. 36738 Please have an invesitgator contact me, my phone # [again] 334-295-1026.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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That's right. It must be the racists in the postal service.

Could you be any dumber?

You probably bought the money order with the fraudulent welfare check you get on a regular basis. Go f&@k yourself, you ignorant piece of dogsh1t.


Who is the worst, you who is sick in the head, a red neck *** and loser, or the person you claim that receive a welfare check. Go and check on percentage of welfare claims.

White 34%, Spanish 15%, African Americans 12%

I hope this enlightens your dumb ***. :zzz