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Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia

3 Ebn Elbarzy Street, El Ebrahimia,

Alexandria, Egypt


July 16, 2010

Western Union

Smoha, Alexandria, Egypt Branch

To Whom It May Concern:

Regarding: Customer Service Complaint

I have been a satisfied customer with Western Union numerous times over the years. On my most recent visit, July 13, 2010, I received extremely poor service that I felt should be brought to your attention. Please allow me to provide specific details, so that you can prevent this unfortunate approach to customer service from continuing in your store and resolve this problem.

Before I begin my story, I would like to inform you that the employees in this branch were not wearing nametags. I have attached my paperwork with the transaction number for you to review for further information.

I was in the store to receive a money order from a family member in France for an urgent situation. As I mentioned, I have used your services many times and as always I came prepared with my confirmation code. I arrived at the branch and waited more than 30 minutes. The branch wasn't crowed with customers, but I proceeded to wait patiently for assistance. After my wait, an employee at the branch proceeded to complete my transaction. There was a mistake in the system stating that my name is Attia Hesham Attia. My correct name and also the name listed on my identification that I gave your employee, is Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia. I understand and respect the rules and regulations of your company and planned on simply calling my family member and have him correct my information so that I could complete the transaction correctly. Immediately the employee began to act in an impolite manner. He told me that I would not be receiving my money that day because my name is incorrect and gave no option for a solution to the problem. Again, I understood and planned on correcting the name. He then continued to tell me several times in a very disrespectful manner that I would not receive my money and he made fun of me and asked me to go bring Attia Hesham receive the money.

I quickly realized that I would need to speak to another staff member if I wanted to find a solution to this mistake. I then spoke to another employee who immediately approached me in an extremely disrespectful and irritated manner. He began to shout at me and asked me to "shut up" when I asked him if there is a way to correct the problem. He printed out a piece of paper and told me that I could only see it and he would not hand it to me because I would not be receiving my money. Then got increasingly offensive with every word by shouting at me "Do you know how to read? Can you read this?" He was referring to the incorrect name on the money order and shouted again that I am not Attia Hesham Attia and I will not receive the money. At this point, I was extremely embarrassed and left the store. I couldn't believe that I had been shouted at and had been made fun of by employees in such a severe and disrespectful way. I simply wanted to find a solution to the problem and resolve it.

Despite the unfortunate treatment I received on July 13th, I still had to correct my money order and complete the transaction. The branch that my family member used was closed because of a holiday on July 14th, so I had to wait until July 15th for him to correct the name. He called me immediately after the correction was made and I went to the branch again. The staff member that assisted me on July 15th was exceptionally respectful and proceeded to finish my transaction, only to find out that the name was once again incorrect. The name this time was written Hesham Attia Hesham Attia. He explained to me that he trusted that this was my money order, but could not continue the transaction without the correct name. I was very relieved that this employee treated be in a respectful manner. I then called my family member in France to change the name for the third time. As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, the money order was for an urgent matter and had already been delayed two days, so I waited at the branch until the changes were corrected.

While I waited I saw the branch manager and asked if I could speak with him. I began to express my disappointment about the treatment I received on July 13th. The manager was very polite and agreed to listen to my concerns. During our conversation, the employee that I was speaking of interrupted and asked if something was wrong. I explained to him that of course there is something wrong. I reminded him of how he shouted at me in an extremely disrespectful and inappropriate manner. The employee began to shout again in front of his manager. He told me that he knew what he was doing and I had no right to complain about him. I told him that I would like to continue my conversation with his manager. I couldn't believe the treatment I was receiving. The manager took the time to apologize, but took no other actions and showed no remorse about the treatment I had received from his angry employee. I told him that I would be sending a complaint to the main office. He told me that there was no solution to my problem and the complaint letter wouldn't do anything. I was very disturbed at the poor customer service from nearly everyone at the branch and shocked that the manager didn't take into consideration the treatment that I had been given by his own employee. No one showed concern.

I received my money order, however, they gave it to me with the incorrect name despite my waiting two days and dealing with appalling treatment from the staff. The final transaction stated that my name was Hesham Elsayed Attia Hesham Elsayed Attia while my actual name is simply Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia. So, the transaction was completed incorrectly by the employees after all the incidents attempting to correct the name. On the bottom of the money order, there is a section for customer service. The section is left blank with only xxx-xxx-xxxx. No phone number and no e-mail contact of any kind. I assume the reasoning behind this is because similar situations happen on a daily basis at this branch. If there were actually a number or e-mail to contact someone about their poor customer service, the phone would never cease ringing with complaints.

To conclude my story, the employees were doing their job by asking for the correct number. I'm not upset about that at all. I appreciate when people follow the rules and regulations. My biggest concern is the terribly disrespectful treatment that I received as a customer. I don't want this to continue to happen to other people. To resolve this problem I would appreciate if you would take action in the quality of service that is given in your branches. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until August 15, 2010 before seeking help from the Better Business Bureau and/or filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Please contact me at any of the above contact information. Thank you for your time. I hope that I can continue to do business with Western Union when this problem is resolved.


Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Attia

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