Zelienople, Pennsylvania
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I recently contacted Western Union to try and make my boyfriend's holiday a little brighter he recently had someone steal a sum of money off of him and I tried to send him money to help him through the holidays to be able to visit his ailing mother. Unfortunately I chose Western Union to assist me I was given a transaction number and was transferred over to someone to verify my information well I provided her the information she requested and she said I had to go in person and handle the transaction, while I was on the phone with her still I viewed my bank records online and realized the funds were already removed from my account.

So therefore I was unable to withdraw the funds to handle anything in person because my funds were being held for the transaction to be taken care of. I eventually spoke to her supervisor that informed me that he was in the Phillipines and that there was nothing he could do......

what is this world coming to how can customer service agents that are barely able to comprehend english able to decide how your holiday season is supposed to go. I have heard of people being a scrooge during the holiday season but Western Union has shown me that they take the top where it is concerned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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