Western Union declined my transaction twice already!

Member of my family in Russia was getting married last year but I could not go, so I send money as a wedding gift. Western Union local location agent accept money, gave me MTCN number but after 12 hours I received the phone call from that location that my money transfer was POSTPONED and I have to call 1-800 number to talk to the customer service, so I did. The person on the phone requested all my information related to transaction and verification of my identity. After that, she pulled information from the system and began INTEREGATE me as a criminal asking why I am sending money, what the purpose of this transaction, how I know that it is my family that receiving the money, she asked about nature of the relation between me and my family member that I send money, how long I now that person (my favorite nephew). When last time I talk to him and get this: HOW I KNOW IF IT IS HIM THAT ITALK TO OR NOT SOMEONE ELSE THAT MASK HIS VOICE?! This interrogation was almost 40 min long and after those entire questions were answered Western Union representative loudly concluded that my transaction will be declined and I can receive my money back. I was trying to ask why it was declined, but she refused to listen and threatened me if I will talk to her like that she will CANCELL MY REFUND MONEY TRANSACTION. Few days later, I have received the flyer in the mail from them about the Fraud!

Recently, I was trying to send money to my family. 2 days after the transaction, I called my family to ask if they received money, and they said that MTCN number I gave them not in the system, so they could not get the money in Russia. I called the Western Union representative on the customer service line and they said without explanation that my transaction is canceled and I can get my money from the local agent .I felt at this point that I am on the Watch List with Western Union and all my transactions will be cancelled no matter what the amount I will try to send.

I have used Western Union services before for few years - no problems, but now I am on the BLACK LIST with them for some reason unknown to me!

I am much respected member of the community, Master's prepared nurse that works with dying patients and dedicates life to comforting hospice patients. I felt offended by this company suspecting me committing of fraudulent transactions. Shame, Western Union!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Hi today I tried to send money to my relatives in Cebu , the western union staff told me the computer got error and I’m blacklisted on there list. I was humiliated at that time .

I can’t hold my tears cos I’m so shy many people on there shop of western and they staring at me. Seems like I make a crime... i ask them if I can still send money and the answer no” omg I’m shock this bad news.. before I helping a friend to send money on different country and different name .

All the cost I send is amount 5k US dollar . This is my mistake cos I make trouble for my self helping a friend . I learn my lesson today ! sometimes helping Is not makes you put you in the bad situation..

I was worried I can’t send to my family abroad emergency purpose cos of this mistake! I don’t want to be blacklisted on there list what I suppose to do !?

This is sadness for me ! Have a nice day!

to Anonymous #1604120

They got no right to reducing you to tears western union are a bunch of assclown pieces of *** they are very rude and ignorate


How would you know if they put you in black list? It will appear in the system of wu?


The same thing was done to me. Aug 23. Blocked me for no valid reason

to Theresa #1606536

After they put you in blackliat is everything went back to normal?


If you dont take care i am going to make your bad moves towards we the consumers to the world so that we will all ignore your services okay make this simple to we consumers because we are those ....making you people over there who you are today and i dont give a *** about weather you are going to read this or not and the one reading this should make a possible change to this as soon as possible because you are fooling on our right *** *** YOU WESTERN *** UNION AND YOU ARE PEOPLE THERE WORKING .


I my self i dont choose to understand this because i am very mad at their services and i am never going to be in their wall no more because my dad try many times sending me money through their transactions and i never get to receive the money for my fees because they says he has been sending money to me many times and i want to ask them why because i am not in there with my dad and when is time for me to pay my fees and i ask for money and he sends me and you make that transaction cancelled i think you have been unfair because i need to pay my fees always till i complete school and i cant stay in school whiles i am not paying fees and he has even sent money through this transfer for me only three times and i dont know why he has been blocked this time and i even want to ask if susposing is your relative and he or she was sending money for an emergency work and its blocked how are you going to feel huh ...and again is the money that is sending through this transaction yours no ..is not yours so i think you are just asking life hard for we family members sepearated apart and is very bad your works are unuseful damm ***


I say, someone or a group of yall need to step u to you batters box and start sueing WU/MG...this *** needs to end with them just blocking everybody that sends, cuz I know most all of you are really trying to send to families and loved ones across the globe and to legitimate good ppl...yes *** MG/WU, but they really screwing up some lives, so let's stop this madness of there's now!!


they blacklisted me also without any reasonable cause , and I contacted the GCR and they rejected my case , plus they cut a big fee if you were to use them from outside the US . my advise to everybody is to find a different way to transfer money


Once you have over ten thousand dollars on Western Union or money Gram they black list you


I was blocked from Western union .for three year now


Been sending to same person for 5 yrs now they say she's not authorized to use their service so tried moneygram and was told that cant use their services either ... am getting lawyer cause is my money and can send to whomever I want to.

How dare the none English speaking people at western union .... screw them and money gram

to Anonymous #1603783

It is likely your name has been placed on a list as mine is. I have done nothing wrong but zoom western union and all are refusing service . I was told by xoom that they have no responsibility to advise me my I am blocked !


Yes I get same thing. I've sent for long time now black flagged.Screw them.


I am a retired police officer. I send money to needy students in the Philippines.

I was first blacklisted by Xoom, then Remitly, followed by Moneygram then Western Union. I cannot get a justifiable answer from any of them as to why. Apparently it is completely arbitrary, often unjustified, and shared throughout the industry.

The latter action is probably illegal but Iam not sure. It requires sharing private information and is unjustified collusion to deprive a citizen of rights.

to Ron Cumiford #1550685

I am like you exactly within 4 months all of them refused service to me and today western had the nerve to ask me complete a very intrusive questionaire..screw them because if you read their terms they can share that info with anyone !

to Ron Cumiford #1606538

Hi. Is there any way to used??... So i am not blacklisted in western union


Western union blocked me as well and they dont give me an answer as to why... and they make you fill out a form and request bank accounts , business license etc like if i am in the mafia or soemthing and this is going on since 2016 for me and they still have not unblocked me.


Western union is blocking everyone it seems. Because of their location and plus they don't speak English language. So if anything western union should get shut down until they get real American's there that can speak English .


I have used Western Union for 3 years now, and I sent a remittance like I always do every month to my Gym in the Philippines for my boxers living expenses.

The gym called me yesterday and today stating that the MTN number I gave them is unrecognizable.

So I went to Western Union and they called the head office, but no answer, so the lady said that she will call me later once she gets through.

I just got a call from her now and she said the same thing. My name does not qualify to remit money. (Blacklisted, I guess)

I send the same person the same amount every month.

Western Union sucks. I will use a different remittance company from now on.

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