I answered an add to work for a company called Premium shoppers as a mystery shopper for my city. I found the add on free web sit. I received a text message asking me to call them back if i was interested in the job. in october 13/2013 I received a fed ex package from address markham on l3s3z2 Ca from marsha 1-800- 992-5246 44 macklin st. It was an assignment form to fill out for when on an assignment as a secret shopper. And a cheque for 1,.6112 dollars rom a jp morgan chase bank. No where on the cheque did it say american funds. The lady who called me to give me my assignment called to tell me to cash the check because mystery shoppers work with using their money but to wait for the cheque to clear first. I did ask some questions like why would i get this money she said $180. would be my pay for the assignments i was to do. So i waited for a few day and saw the cheque was in the balance of my bank account. When we spoke days later i replied that i believed it cleared. Ive never had to wait long for canadian funds to clear as a cheque in my account. So she proceed to give me my first assignment which was to spend $50.00 at the wallmart store and check for friendly staff and how clean the store was duties of a secret shopper using their money but also paying myself $180. out of that money. I spent $50.00 and reported back to the lady who called herself

Pam. Anyway my next assignment was to wire them $1300 to toronto western union to Lona Green. This was to ensure that they weren't over charging on the fee. As i spoke to the guy doing the transfers he commented that it was really a large amount of $73.00 FOR THE FEE TO TORONTO WHEN IT WAS ONLY $10.00 TO THE PHILIPINES So i proceeded to follow instructions from my employer.....she called me later and said she would be sending me out another package for another assignment and that it would arrive the next day. The next day after which was November 4th 2013 I went to do some personal shopping and found my account frozen. I went to the bank to find out the funds were is us funds and the check was being held for 30 days. I spoke to the manage and showed her the statement and she explained she believed I was scammed.After which I went to the police to report a fraud I phoned the bank the cheque was issued from and discovered it was fraudulent. Now im out the $1600 and have reported it to western union , police department is doing an investigation, as well as my bank. I am asking for western union to help cover me for this fraudulent act. I want to tell you a bit about myself and why perhaps i fell upon this like so many others have. I have been looking for work and have not been able to find something to suit my needs as a single mother with many payments. I also have a slight disability and am doing therapy for arthritis and bristles of both hips, which does not allow me to stand for long lengths of time. Which has limited my work as a hairstylist. I was in need of money which is why I applied for the job as a secret shopper which sent me forms that appeared to be legit. So as you can guess this cleared out my bank account and has left me in depted to the bank I have been dealing with for 30 years. I was told to write a letter to the right department to request a refund for having been able to be scammed by scammers using western union to destroy my whole credit and me with all my problems in dire need as a single mother with a disability. I am asking you to consider my plea for the refund doen from the wire transaction put through by my self an unsuspectic victom of fraud. $1300 dollars canadian went through on November 4 /2013 money transfer mtcn number is 7643001992 to North york ontario money in minuets with a charge of $73.00 dollar fee from winnipeg manitoba to toronto.Please consider my request for a refund. Please

Sincerely Angela Rinella

Review about: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $1373.

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Brecksville, Ohio, United States #751241

You are a dumb ***

Los Angeles, California, United States #746307

This is a common scam. You got taken and there's nothing you can do about it.


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